Effective to against Reverse-Engineering tools & Decompilation:

Prevent Android APK from decompiling and anti-reverse engineering with encryption/virtualization the dex file, .so libs.

Safeguard your apps far away from Tampering

Verify the developer signature in APK file, to prevent APK file from repackaging, malware code inject.

Against multi Debug & Decompiling tools: JDB/IDA etc

Prevent from dynamic/static debugging, parsing the code logic & algorithm.

Hybrid Secured Technology Approach

The Solution Advantage

  • The utmost & leading security approach of Virtualization & Obfuscation technology in native layer & independent on LLVM. achieved & enhanced security to protected code.

  • Without additional code insert/embedding which doesn't related to protection. No personal/private info collected.

  • No change to existed development environment, easy to use & integration & effortless to design your protection scheme.

  • On Premise protection on developer site, No code will be uploaded to the cloud and no code leaky risk in protection process.

  • Developer may free specify the functions be protected and has capability in Balancing security & execution efficiency. almost No impact on performance to protected software.