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Android Apps Hardening/Shielding
Gaming apps Hardening/Shielding
iOS Apps Hardening/Shielding
Security & Hardening Solution for IoT device/ARM Linux Apps

Android Apps Hardening/Shielding

Highly secured and protection tools for Android Apps with instant, codeless effort;Protect the Android's APK, AAR, dex file, .so libs & Data assets/resource.

Mobile Game Hardening/Shielding

Excellent choice for mobile Unity3D game developer with upgraded encryption technology to protect game code, algorithm and assets and effective defense the tampering, repackaging behavior and safeguard your business revenue.
Protect C# assemblies, IL2cpp protection, Resource encryption etc.

iOS Apps Hardening/Shielding

With comprehensive & advanced obfuscation/virtualization to ARM instructions, Virbox Protector, highly effective hardening solution for developer to protect the iOS Apps in source code level.

Security & Hardening Solution for IoT device/ARM Linux Apps

Build up trusted IoT environment, app and data with Virbox Protector, Encrypt/Harden the IoT device and ARM Linux apps: Protect .so libs, Code integrity verification, Secure the IoT data resource & assets; Android APK hardening, Encrypt the dex file, etc.


Virbox Protectors utilize/integrate multiple layers secure code hardening/app shielding technolgoy, defending mobile application to against:

1.The Static analysis/attack by decompiler/de-assembler, to get the source code; to steal your code logic, algorithm; your Intelligence Property; etc.

2.The Dynamic analysis/attack in Runtimeby debug tool and illegal invasion in runtime environment, tampering, repacakging.

Code Protection/hardening

Fine grain protection to specific code with functions protection features;

Code of Obfuscation, Encryption, Virtualization, String encryption, SDK labeling;

To protect source code file (Dex, .So, .DLL) being cracked by decompiler/de assembiler;

General protection for mobile apps: Compression, hide symbol table, Dex Encryption, Signature Check

App Shielding

Runtime Application Self-Protection capability, Defending against dynamic analysis and attack in runtime environment:

Memory Protection: Anti Memory Dump and Memory access detection

Code Integrity Protection: Detect code injection and other tampering threaten to prevent app from debugging and adding hooker

Untrusted Environment Detection: Detect Jailbroken/Rooted device/Emulator and Multi Parallel Mod

Encryption/Protection: Dex file, Native Library, Data asset and resource, HTML5

Cross platform & Hybrid environment support

Apply for protection to multi type of applications:

Android apps: Apk, AAB, AAR, .so, Unity3D (Mono & IL2CPP)

iOS, macOS apps: mach-O, dylibs

ARM linux apps

The Benefit to Developer

Virbox Protector

Easy to use and flexible for Project building & integration

Friendly GUI interface, easy to pickup to complete code hardening/app shielding process by "Click to Set", CLI tools, rich parameter configuration & setting for project building and integration.

Fix and affordable pricing Policy

Unlikely with SaaS solution, It doesn't set the limtation/restrcition to developer according to: app size, number of app protected, version released, monthly activated device/user etc.

The protection Comparison: before/after

  • All Applications protection
  • PE & .NET application
  • Unity3D applications

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