The challenge to Game developer/Operator


Virbox Protector, a Effective tools in Protecting your game or entertainment application and help the game developer or game operator to:

  • Secure your game application revenue;
  • Prevent the fraud/cheating;
  • Safeguard your code, IP and User data;

Anti cracking

with code hardening and signature verification techniques and mechanism, Developer will capable to encrypt the game profile, assets and data, the static resource file; to prevent the hacker parsing and abstracting the game application from repackaging/cheating by use of DnSpy, Asset Studio tools and protecting your investment


With RASP technology and monitoring the integrity of game apps and environment, Developer will capable to preventing game apps from fraud and game tampering and safeguard your gaming revenue. to maintain the game user experience and gaming fairness.

Hybrid Secured Technology Approach

The Solution Advantage

  • Instant hardening your game application with one click selection;

  • Offline & On Premise protection your apps, no need to upload to cloud and avoid code leaky risk. provides GUI and CLI protection mode.

  • Highly stability & No performance impact to protected game apps and without impact game user experience

  • Highly secured encryption scheme, and increasing game apps security dramatically with obfuscation and Code Virtualization to binary instructions to protect the mono VM. protect to specify functions level and effective to prevent the static and dynamic attack.


Virbox Protect prevent your business from: