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Statement on Intellectual Property Rights

1. SenseShield owns all contents on this website, including without limitation authored works, pictures, files, information, materials, architecture and web design, with the exception of third-party products or services. No one shall reproduce, alter, disseminate, mirror on a server not under this website use these intellectual properties by any other unlawful means.

2. The original data created by each user on this website platform shall be owned by the user, who shall have the right to dispose of such data in any form, including copying, exporting and deleting such data from the platform.

3. Users shall ensure that their publicizing or storing (by means including without limitation uploading, saving, publicizing, releasing etc.) the contents on this website and related servers is in no way infringing on any third-party intellectual property rights. If such infringement is presented, SenseShield shall have the right to, in regard to the said contents and depending on the specific circumstance, take actions including without limitation restricting, filtering, deleting or altering the contents, and the website user shall be solely responsible for any loss thereby caused to the website user. Where SenseShield is held legally liable for damage to any third party due to malpractice committed by the website user as described in the present article, SenseShield shall have the right to claim compensation for all losses against the website user.

User Information

In providing services for you, we may need to collect certain necessary business-related information, which includes without limitation: machine information of client end of the website, and software license information.

You are required to provide authentic information when registering with this website. We may send push information or statements to you.

Data Security

We will adopt hardware encryption and other means and endeavor to safeguard the security of your data stored on the website. We undertake that dedicated security hardware equipment will be used to store and use your Private keys with your digital signature so that no one has access to the Private key in plain text. However, security on the Internet cannot be guaranteed at all times. Despite all our efforts to strengthen the security protection measures, issues may arise that are beyond the scope of our control. We appreciate your understanding that we are unable to provide an absolute guarantee.

Limitation on Liability

1. This website will endeavor to ensure operation of the software platform with continuity and reliability. However, in light of the special attributes of online services, the website does not assume any legal liability or economic compensation for all losses that may be incurred due to online services’ disruption or termination which is not result in mistakes or errors made by SenseShield. Situations where this may occur include without limitation: failure of telecom equipment and data transmission; factors of force de majeure such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, blackout, war, terrorist attack, etc. causing system failure of the website and processes are disabled; service disruption of delay due to hacker attack, technological adjustment or failure of the telecom provider, website upgrade or issues of the banks etc.

2. This website makes the best effort to ensure a secure backup is kept for customer data. However, we are unable to guarantee data recovery to 100%, and will not assume any liability for any loss directly or indirectly arisen from the loss of data.

3. You agree to that the total liability, i.e. the cap, for damage assumed by SenseShield under these service terms and conditions shall not exceed the total cost charged for the particular service.

Applicable Law

The formation, validity, interpretation and implementation of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China(not include Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan)that are published and publicly available.


The clauses are written both in Chinese and in English. Both language versions shall have equal legal effect. If there are any inconsistencies between the two language versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.