Android Apps Hardening/Shielding
Gaming apps Hardening/Shielding
iOS Apps Hardening/Shielding
Security & Hardening Solution for IoT device/ARM Linux Apps

Android Apps Hardening/Shielding

Highly secured and protection tools for Android Apps with instant, codeless effort;Protect the Android's APK, AAR, dex file, .so libs & Data assets/resource.

Mobile Game Hardening/Shielding

Excellent choice for mobile Unity3D game developer with upgraded encryption technology to protect game code, algorithm and assets and effective defense the tampering, repackaging behavior and safeguard your business revenue.
Protect C# assemblies, IL2cpp protection, Resource encryption etc.

iOS Apps Hardening/Shielding

With comprehensive & advanced obfuscation/virtualization to ARM instructions, Virbox Protector, highly effective hardening solution for developer to protect the iOS Apps in source code level.

Security & Hardening Solution for IoT device/ARM Linux Apps

Build up trusted IoT environment, app and data with Virbox Protector, Encrypt/Harden the IoT device and ARM Linux apps: Protect .so libs, Code integrity verification, Secure the IoT data resource & assets; Android APK hardening, Encrypt the dex file, etc.

Android Apps Hardening/Shielding

Why Choose Virbox Protector

Online support & Consultancy to help you in whole software lifecycle
Professional & Dedicate team to software Security with 25 years experience
Focus software Protection & Security with more than 200+ patents granted
10,000+ Developer select Virbox Products, protect & safeguard 50,000+ applications

Technology Service
  • Code obfuscation

  • Code Virtualization

  • Anti Debug

  • Memory Integrity Checking

  • String Encryption

  • Data Protection

  • Asset/Resource Encryption

  • Concealing code algorithm

  • 200+ Patent granted

  • 10000+ developer Trusted

  • Online Technical support/Troubleshooting

  • Release free upgrade in valid Subscription period